Accurate Spiritual and Psychic Readings in Brandon

I can help you with:

Psychic readings
Spiritual readings
Psychic parties
Spiritual training and development

An uplifting experience through psychic readings

Every reading is a unique and personal experience and I guarantee to be completely and discreet at all times.

An individual reading costs £35. Psychic parties are also a popular choice for yourself and a group of close friends. The prices are negotiable depending on what is required. To book a reading or party, please fill in the contact form.

I do not put a stopwatch on readings that I give. Typically though, a reading will last 50-60 mins. Each reading is handled sensitively, and your feelings are always my first consideration. I do not exaggerate or provide unnecessary drama for the sake of impact.

Following definitions may help you decide which is the right reading for you, or maybe you would like a combination of each. The price remains the same whether you only want spirit, psychic, or a mixture of each.

Psychic Readings – a psychic reading is one where I work with your energy and by linking into that energy I can provide valuable insights, guidance, and direction where it is most needed. This will encompass most areas of your life including other individuals that are connected with you. This may sometimes include the use of tarot cards etc.

Spiritual Readings – A spiritual reading is one where I will help you connect with a loved one who has passed over to spirit. Your loved ones are still very much alive and with us even though they may no longer be here in the physical world and it is reassuring to know that it is still possible to connect with them and that they are still aware of what is going on in your life.

Psychic Parties – A fascinating, intimate and fun evening for you and your friends where I will provide individual or group readings to your requirements. You will also find out more about the psychic world and how it works as I answer any questions you and your friends may have on the spirit and psychic worlds.

Costs are as follows:
Between 1-4 individuals – Either £45 per head for a full reading or £25 per head for 30 minute readings
Between 5-8 individuals – £25 per head for 30 minutes

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