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For my first reading this was a remarkable experience. Paul made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout. All his information was spot on and he left me feeling like a whole lot of weight had been lifted off my shoulders, I can’t thank him enough.

Great reading

As Xmas present my father in law step son and me went to see Paul the things he spoke of he could never have known and was very accurate we came away with out spirits lifted many thanks Paul will be back again soon

Emotional, positive very rewarding

Thank you Paul
First time been for a reading made to feel welcome and relaxed and didn’t disappoint , loved ones came through and everything that was said was definitely true or meant something., left feeling very positive. Will definitely recommend Paul

First experience

After searching for a while I decided that was time to see what was going on with my inside , my soul, I felt that something wasn’t in the way as it should be.
Yesterday I had the most intense experience of my life , I met Paul in the morning for the first time and not even 5minutes later without me saying much about it he knew exactly what was going on with my Energy, I just felt a cold running trough my body , feeling that someone was connecting with my energy. He supported me and gave truly advices so that I could be myself again.For anyone who has been emotionally breaking down, feeling hopeless without knowing themselves anymore… Please don’t give up, Paul is a professional that can show you that quitting it’s not the solution. He’ll be honest and frontal , with no drama and he’ll guide you for a another chance in this life.Can’t thank him enough for this experience. Hope to visit him before 2020, to a new life!

Highly recommended!

Wow I don’t know where to start! Paul was so lovely, he made me feel at home. His reading was out of this world. Everything he said about me was true! He did my reading knowing just my name and nothing else. I would recommend Paul to everyone. I can’t wait to go back for another reading! Thank you Paul, for getting through to my dad, I felt at ease and so much joy!


My first reading and I cannot find the words to say how amazing this man is! I recorded the session and as Paul explained it made so much more sense when listened back, that’s not to say that it was confusing as that was not the case in fact there is no way he could have known what he told me, some of the messages were confusing to him but made absolute sense and were very unique to my family history and situations! Paul asked no questions in advance and I do not have any social media,I am married and live around 100 miles from Paul so there is no way he could have known anything about my background the only thing he asked is to confirm messages coming through as correct. I was a little vague in my responses on occasion Ithink to try not give any clues & on reflection feel this may have made things a little confusing for him but did not stop him in getting the messages passed over. If you are looking for a genuine and honest reading look no further! I will definitely be returning!

Wonderful experience

Paul is lovely, caring and truly cares about his craft and helping people navigate and get clarity with life’s ups and downs.

Highly recommended – genuine and sensitive

I have visited a few Mediums in the last couple of years, desperately searching for answers, and sometimes left feeling more depressed than before. Not so with Paul. He was very sensitive and genuine, with a real understanding of human relationships. I didn’t necessarily want to hear everything Paul said, but he advised with kindness and honesty!

I had been thinking before the reading that I wanted to speak to my dad, but that my mum, to whom I was very close had always come forward at previous readings. Paul said to me, ‘Your dad has stepped forward, as you’ve spoken to your mum before, haven’t you?’ He had no way of knowing that. I would definitely recommend Paul as a true and responsible Psychic Medium.

Second Review

I hit the wrong star button when I did my review should have been 5 Paul is excellent.
I have recommended him highly to freinds and colleagues.

First class medium and a lovely genuine man.

Paul is the only medium I would ever use. I have spent a fortune on readings over many years and they were rubbish. Many years ago I discovered Paul wayman and have never looked back. He is so accurate it’s is jaw dropping. Always reviews my faith that spirit are with us.

My reading

Thankyou Paul for a my reading was very special indeed touched my heart beyond belief would recommend Paul to anybody wishing to have a reading done

A fantastic meduim

Had a reading with Paul today and it was nothing less than amazing. Very calming and genuine man. I got the reading that I needed and he did it all with no info from myself. Would recommend Paul to anyone who needs a reading as he is brilliant. Thank you again Paul.


Resding 21st June 2019

This was my first visit to Paul and he made me feel very comfortable and got the way I was feeling “spot on”.

I would thoroughly recommend him and he works with what the client needs.

Amazing experience

I was amazed at how accurate Paul was, spot on with everything, he is a genuine & caring person, if ever u want a reading, I would highly recommend him.

Comforting and Uplifting

Paul has a rare and amazing gift which I thank God for.
Most of us are limited to, and rely on our five senses, he has been given a sixth.
It is the specifics that amazed me, conveying to me things, though only small, that only I and the spirit could possibly know. This made my experience comforting and uplifting also eased my pain.

A great guy and clearly my wife, who has passed, agrees with me.

Natural and genuine reading

Meeting Paul has been such a positive experience.
His sensitive and gentle manner is so welcome when he is delivering his reading to you. There is nothing to fear, only to gain insight and understanding.
I gained so much from seeing and being in Paul’s company and I would highly recommend him.
Many thanks Paul, will see you again.

It was an amazing experience.

I was amazed at the accuracy of the reading that Paul gave me. He was spot on with what he said. He is a very genuine, caring person. I would certainly recommend him to anyone interested in getting a reading.
Also he is giving me instruction re mediumship as I have always been interested in the subject and wished to learn more.

Excellent sincere service

Paul is a very talented medium. His no nonsense approach to his interpretation of what he receives and feels gives confidence to those he is reading for. He is a very sincere person. The information that came through for me was accurate and delivered in a caring and considerate manner. He passed on the information exactly as he saw it without any embelishments or dramatisation. Thank you Paul. I hope to see you again in the near future. I wish you the best of luck and God bless you. Ray.

5 star experience.

The reading Paul gave me was spot on. He gives clear information in a calm and natural way. . I have had lots of readings but Paul managed to bring out things that have never come out in any of the others. I would definitely recommend Paul if you are looking for a true and realistic psychic reading.

So accurate on all readings

Myself and 5 friends just had readings done. We were all shocked at how accurate the readings were. Paul is very professional. We are all planning further readings including a couple in our group who were a little sceptical before. 5 star rating Thank you Paul

My first reading. Superb.

This is the first reading I have ever had and I’m so pleased I went. Paul is exceptional at what he does. Very professional but relaxed. He has given me great comfort with things that were said. Everything was spot on. It was incredibly accurate. I have been a skeptic in the past. Not anymore. I can not recommend this enough. Thanks Paul. Jim.

Top bloke thank you so much

We went to see Paul and he was really welcoming and very. Talented and made us feel welcome the readings was fantastic and he explained what he does before hand so we new what to expect thanks and we would definitely recommend to friends thank you Paul see you soon

Phychic Medium Paul Wayman BRILLIANT

If you’ve never had a reading before or are just a bit unsure that you believe or not, and these people pray on your emotions?!… Then Go see Paul Wayman. He truly is a very talented man who knocked our socks off, capturing our loved ones from the spirit world to a tee!! An amazing experience and very heart warming to find out what’s happening in their life’s once you leave this one.
I’m not a believer, never really had an opinion on this kind of thing before. However, Paul brought through our wonderful Son, he described him perfectly & you can’t make these things up! A true gentleman with a very talented gift. Just go see him 🙂 Thank you Paul, we feel so at peace. Will come visit again some day, we promise x

A wonderful experience

Thank you, Paul, for a wonderful reading. I found the whole experience so comforting, to reconnect with my grandparents and to communicate with them through you. I’ve always been a believer but didn’t know what to expect from my first reading but it totally exceeded my expectations. It was a fantastic experience and I can highly recommend Paul for anyone else out there seeking comfort after losing a loved one or needing some general guidance. Thank you Paul.

Great reading

Paul has a genuine talent and I would definitely recommend him. He’s honest and doesn’t ask you for any information upfront. He explains what he does beforehand so you know what to expect. Thanks Paul for your guidance.

A wonderful reading from a gifted psychic medium

The minute I met Paul I knew he was authentic; in fact I felt like I had a past life connection with him. He has a wonderful energy and I trusted him immediately. He was straight talking and down to earth and absolutely spot on with his reading. Even though at the time I remember saying ” There’s no way that’s happening!,” But he was right and I was wrong. Paul is a genuine and very talented psychic medium. His guidance was invaluable I would highly recommend him. Thank you Paul .

Calm and Healing

Absolutely breathtaking experience with Paul. So calming and healing and incredibly accurate. Could not recommend enough.

Wonderful Experience

Paul is a kind and gentle person. I saw him yesterday and he passed on lovely messages from a very missed loved one. He is also very accurate and was able to put my mind at ease with a problem that had been really bringing me down. I felt so much better after see Paul and will definitely keep in contact with him.

Positive helpful and insighful meetings with Paul

I have seen Paul several times and his awareness and accuracy is spot on and has really helped me.

Great experience

Every question I had was answered even though I didn’t ask questions out loud. It was an extremely emotional experience for me – but exactly what was needed. Thank you Paul Wayman.

A comforting experience.

I can’t thank Paul enough for giving me messages from a loved one who passed over recently. It was a very moving experience. Paul has a very calm and compassionate manner. This reading has brought comfort to me and my family. Would highly recommend him.

Wonderful experience

So glad we visited Paul, he is such a gentle kind gentleman which conveys messages in a very soft manner. We learnt a lot from our reading and felt very blessed. We would highly recommend a reading with Paul. Good luck in the future Paul.

Will be going again as he is so good!

Amazing! Worth going. I had far more information than I was expecting and was so accurate! Will be going again.

Genuine and worth every penny

I can’t recommend Paul Wayman highly enough! Prior to seeing Paul, I had my reservations as to whether seeing a psychic medium would be a good idea but I’m so glad I did. He is amazing, a 100% genuine, honest guy who gently delivers absolute gifts from loved ones who have past on. I was sceptical at first and guarded in what I said but Paul asked nothing and just delivered message after message that brought peace, closure and a content feeling.
I have recommended him to so many friends and family since and they have all had really positive, spiritual experiences and clarity on past, present and future situations. Paul is a compassionate, understanding guy who has been blessed with the gift to communicate between this world and spirit. I highly recommend seeing him.

Life changing

Being a complete sceptic when I first went to see Paul, he has completely changed the way I view my spirituality. He has given me such accurate guidance, and helped me connect with a loved one I lost and gave me the closure I needed. I also had 2 hypnotherapy sessions for anxiety which I found very effective. Could not recommend highly enough (and I also took my mother and 3 friends to see him and they all said the same). Thank you Paul, you have been such a positive influence in my life.

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