My first reading and I cannot find the words to say how amazing this man is! I recorded the session and as Paul explained it made so much more sense when listened back, that’s not to say that it was confusing as that was not the case in fact there is no way he could have known what he told me, some of the messages were confusing to him but made absolute sense and were very unique to my family history and situations! Paul asked no questions in advance and I do not have any social media,I am married and live around 100 miles from Paul so there is no way he could have known anything about my background the only thing he asked is to confirm messages coming through as correct. I was a little vague in my responses on occasion Ithink to try not give any clues & on reflection feel this may have made things a little confusing for him but did not stop him in getting the messages passed over. If you are looking for a genuine and honest reading look no further! I will definitely be returning!