After searching for a while I decided that was time to see what was going on with my inside , my soul, I felt that something wasn’t in the way as it should be.
Yesterday I had the most intense experience of my life , I met Paul in the morning for the first time and not even 5minutes later without me saying much about it he knew exactly what was going on with my Energy, I just felt a cold running trough my body , feeling that someone was connecting with my energy. He supported me and gave truly advices so that I could be myself again.For anyone who has been emotionally breaking down, feeling hopeless without knowing themselves anymore… Please don’t give up, Paul is a professional that can show you that quitting it’s not the solution. He’ll be honest and frontal , with no drama and he’ll guide you for a another chance in this life.Can’t thank him enough for this experience. Hope to visit him before 2020, to a new life!